Now here's our story....

It started one Christmas,
I was a girl so bored, nothing creative in my life
I was gifted a kit, and it was all over from there...

From the very first screw ups on through today, I finally found the one thing that will express what I can't draw, paint.. heck, any art medium that I have tried. From the early days, I was a mess. Now my sweet husband has made me my own work center.

Look out Etsy, I have arrived! (again, post maternity this time!) I started crafting again, from scratch. What this means is more product, greater refinement and true art pieces as well.

I have had a creative soul my whole life. I was an artist unable to find her medium, until now!

Let's make something special together!

Follow along with me as I make this journey to see if I really have "The Eye."


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